The Rosewood Massacre, Paperback

A little over a year ago the hardcover version of my book The Rosewood Massacre: An Archaeology and History of Intersectional Violence was published by the University Press of Florida. Sales were sufficient to prompt the press to release the book in paperback. This is great news – not just because it means people are reading the book – but because it lowers the price of the book, from $80 to $25! Visit the link above to purchase the book. Continue reading to see some of the more recent reviews.

Along with the book came new reviews. Here’s a few excerpts (displayed at the Amazon page for the book).

“An ambitious project with few precedents. . . . González-Tennant argues that the underlying causes of the Rosewood Massacre can be traced to historical antagonisms of a national scale, and reflects the underlying patterns of many such events throughout American history.”―Historical Archaeology

“Contributes significantly to our understanding of the Rosewood massacre and deserves a wide readership. It meanwhile demonstrates the value of multidisciplinary approaches for studying race riots in America.”―Journal of Southern History

“González-Tennant balances a finely detailed microhistory of this tragic event with a broadly ranging exploration of social science theories about violence, race, and intersectionality.”―Public Historian

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