Regardless of the setting, effective communication is a core aspect of engaged scholarship. My university courses typically include semester projects encouraging students to apply classroom lessons to their local surroundings. In 2010 I was awarded one of the first Eleanor Roosevelt Global Citizenship Awards from the Center for a Public Anthropology. I continue to serve as an external committee member for graduate students at a number of universities nationwide.

Undergraduate Courses

University of Florida

Academic Activism (Spring 2008 & 2009); Archaeological GIS (Summer 2006; Spring 2009); Chinese Diaspora: A Global-Historical Perspective (Spring 2007); General Anthropology (Spring & Fall 2007; Fall 2009; Spring & Fall 2010); Violence in American History (Spring 2010); World Archaeology (Summer 2010)

University of Otago

Archaeological GIS (Semester II 2008)

Monmouth University

Anthropological Theory (Fall 2012; Spring 2013); Caribbean Archaeology & History (Spring 2013; Spring 2014); Disaster Anthropology (Spring 2013); Historical Archaeology (Fall 2013); Introduction to Archaeology (Spring 2012); Cultural Anthropology (Fall 2011; Summer 2012 & 2013; Spring 2014); Intro to Geographic Information Systems (Spring 2012); Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion (Fall 2011; Summer 2012 & 2013); Zombies!: Popular Culture and Social Anxiety (Fall 2012; Fall 2013)

Graduate Courses

Monmouth University

Intro to GIS for Archaeology & History (Spring 2012; Fall 2013); Archaeological Theory (Spring 2013; Spring 2014); Oral History (Fall 2012); Artifact Analysis (Fall 2014)