Rosewood Talk Added to 2020 Florida Speaker’s Directory

The Florida Humanities Council (FHC) maintains the Florida Speakers Directory. This includes educators, journalists, and scholars who speak on a variety of Florida-related topics. The great thing about this program is the FHC also provides grants to help non-profit organizations support these talks. You can learn more about the program here. I finally got myself added for the upcoming year (2020), and am available to speak on Rosewood. See below for more info.

Title: Unearthing Rosewood: An Archaeology of Violence and Hope

Abstract: Rosewood was a prosperous African American community hard-won from the swampy hammocks of north Florida. Although the town was destroyed in 1923, the community continued, scattered across the state of Florida and beyond. Now, nearly 100 years after this tragic event the story of Rosewood remains shrouded from public view. Those who have heard of Rosewood are rarely aware of the community’s deeper history, or its relation to other places across the state. Dr. González-Tennant will discuss the role of archaeology and geospatial sciences in unearthing Rosewood’s complex history. In addition to describing how digital technologies aid traditional archaeological methods, he’ll discuss the importance of outreach and its ability to support a public conversation on racial reconciliation.

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