Raritan Landing 3D Prototype

Update – check out the final (prototype) version of Raritan 3D here.

The use of virtual world environments to represent historic sites is often referred to as heritage visualization. This includes virtual reconstructions of  archaeological sites and other past landscapes. These technologies are a central aspect of my research in Rosewood. Building on this experience, I am currently working with the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission and the New Jersey Crossroads of the American Revolution to virtually reconstruct the site of Raritan Landing as it existed during the Revolutionary War.

An Early Version of the Cornelius Low House

The general workflow for this project follows the same one developed as part of my dissertation research. This includes a mixed methods approach combining documentary and archaeological evidence with GIS and 3D modeling. The resulting virtual assets are delivered via a web interface. The result is an interactive virtual world environment representing a past historical landscape.

The “center piece” of Raritan Landing 3D is the Cornelius Low House (modeled above). The prototype has a fully textured version of this important building. Visitors can also explore the surrounding landscape. The current version includes blocked out structures and regular updates will occur during the upcoming year.

Raritan Landing 002

The prototype also serves as a fund-raising tool. Members of the New Jersey Crossroads of the American Revolution organization are using the prototype and images of the Low House to secure additional funding supporting a fully-reconstructed version of Raritan Landing.


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