Deviant Art & Heritage Visualization

My interest in data visualization centers on the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and 3D modeling. I am particularly interested in using these technologies and their related methodologies to explore the past. This includes a long-standing interest in issues of inequality and minority disenfranchisement. My interest in collaborative approaches to studying the past motivates my exploration of virtual technologies. My Deviant Art gallery includes past and ongoing projects.

My exploration of virtual technology includes a new project on Raritan Landing. I am working with the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission and the New Jersey Crossroads of the American Revolution to virtually reconstruct the site of Raritan Landing as it existed during the Revolutionary War. Here is a preliminary view of the Cornelius Low House, which figures prominently in the area’s history and the virtual world.


I consider the use of virtual technologies for heritage work (e.g., virtual archaeology, new heritage) as a form of data visualization. A more familiar form of data visualization involves mapping. When I get bored, I make maps. These maps expose the inequality of modern America… and past America, and future America. It may seem a strange way to pass the time, but I enjoy it and it allows me to create compelling images for various talks.


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