The Rosewood Massacre, Paperback

A little over a year ago the hardcover version of my book The Rosewood Massacre: An Archaeology and History of Intersectional Violence was published by the University Press of Florida. Sales were sufficient to prompt the release of a paperback edition. This is great news because it lowers the price of the book from $80 to $25! Also, it means people are reading it! In fact, last I checked, it’s been referenced nearly a dozen times in peer reviewed works since it came out last year. Neat!

Visit the link above to purchase the book. Continue reading to see some of the more recent reviews.


The Future of GIS in Historical Archaeology

I recently published one of the most extensive reviews of archaeological literature I’ve ever undertaken. I spent months going over dozens of relevant articles, books, and chapters to understand the current state of GIS as used by historical archaeologists. The result is an article in Historical Archaeology titled “Recent Directions and Future Developments in Geographic Information Systems for Historical Archaeology.” You can download it here. You can read the abstract below.


New Heritage and Historical Archaeology

My partner (Diana Gonzalez-Tennant) and I recently published an overview type of article regarding the use of new media technologies for historical archaeology/archaeologists. It is titled “The Practice and Theory of New Heritage for Historical Archaeology,” and you can download it here. I’m especially proud of this article as it represents a considerable amount of work to understand the true potentials of new media for historical researchers. As always, you can read the abstract below.


New Heritage and Dark Tourism (Publication)

I recently published an article that I’m very, VERY proud of. It is the culmination of year’s of thinking about the role that new media can play in public outreach at sites stained by death and/or an association with death. These places are increasingly view through the rubric of dark tourism. The article is titled “New Heritage and Dark Tourism:A Mixed Methods Approach to Social Justice in Rosewood, Florida” and you can download it here. You can read the abstract below. (more…)

Creating a Diasporic Archaeology of Chinese Migration

I recently/finally published an article on the topic of Chinese migration, a topic I’ve been researching as an historical archaeologist since my first trip to New Zealand in 2002-2003 (with a Fulbright scholarship from the U of Arkansas). The full title is “Creating a Diasporic Archaeology of Chinese Migration: Tentative Steps Across Four Continents,” and you can download it here. See below for the abstract. (more…)

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