Sympathetic Archaeologies (FAS 2018)

This year marked my long overdue return to the annual Florida Anthropological Society (FAS) meetings. I presented a paper titled “Sympathetic Archaeologies: Reflections on a Decade of Public Engagement in Rosewood, Florida,” which examined some of the recent work I’ve completed in Rosewood as well as the planned work supported by a recent grant from the Florida Division of Historical Resources. You can read the abstract below. (more…)

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A Second Life for the Alt-Right (SHA 2018)

This was a ‘light’ year for me at the annual Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) meetings. I only gave one paper, as a part of the session titled “Excavating Reaction and Regression: American Conservatism in Material Perspective.” My paper was titled “A Second Life for the Alt-Right: Uses of Conservative Material Culture in Online Spaces,” which you can watch below.


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Anarchism and Historical Archaeology (SHA 2017)

My recent return to the academy (and a visiting position at the University of Central Florida) has rekindled my dedication to engaging the scholarly community at the annual Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) meetings. This was a busy year for me, organizing a session on Anarchism and Historical Archaeology, teaching a day-long workshop on Digital Heritage, and operating a virtual reality kiosk for the Tech Room. Read more about all of it below. (more…)

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Cyberfeminism, Virtual Worlds, and the Feminization of Digital Archaeology (SAA 2016)

The annual Society for American Archaeology (SAA) meetings were practically in my own backyard this year, just two hours away in Orlando, Florida. So, I packed up and delivered a paper in a session on “Feminism and Archaeology” organized for this year’s meetings. I was a little surprised by the low attendance given the excellent time of the session (Friday morning!). I suppose it’s true that American archaeologists continue to struggle with the ideas of feminism on multiple levels. I hope to return to this paper and publish it at a later time, until then feel free to view details below. (more…)

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“An American Dilemma” and African American Archaeology (SHA 2016)

My conference participation has changed dramatically since leaving the academy almost a year ago. I wouldn’t say that being a professional archaeologist has stopped me from pursuing research topics, but it does slow me down considerable. Still, I was very happy to participate in an invited session on structural violence and historical archaeology. You can read the title and abstract of my paper below. (more…)

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Anarchy, Archaeology, and Collaborative Heritage (SAA 2015)

I returned to the annual Society for American Archaeology (SAA) meetings this year to discuss something I haven’t thought about for some time; mainly, the intersections of anarchy, archaeology, and collaboration. The paper was part of a large session on the intersections of archaeology and anarchism. You can read my title and abstract below. Update: this and other papers in the session form a considerable portion of this forum in the Journal of Contemporary Archaeology. (more…)

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One Artifact, Multiple Interpretations (SHA 2015)

For those of you following along with this blog, you’ll know that 2014 was a crazy year for me conference-wise. I attended four different conferences in addition to teaching an international field school in Nevis last summer. So, this year’s participation at the annual Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) conference was more subdued. I organized a session titled “Historical Archaeologies of Diaspora: Moving Between and Beyond Boundaries and Peripheries.” It featured archaeologists theorizing the concept of diaspora through working with different groups. (more…)

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So Much Archaeology, So Little Time! (SHA 2014)

To say I had my hands full at the 2014 Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) annual meetings is the definition of an understatement. I’m not even sure how I was allowed to do so much! I was first or second author on three separate papers, and served as the discussant for a session titled “Archaeologies of Removal” organized by Terrance Weik of the University of South Carolina. You can read the various titles and abstracts below. (more…)

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Archaeologies of Intersectionality (AAA 2013)

It was my great pleasure to bring a session I originally organized for the SHA meetings to the AAA meeting, with my co-organizer Whitney Battle-Baptiste (UMass). I delivered a paper representing a theoretical updating of my earlier ideas on Rosewood as part of this session, in a paper titled “The Archaeology of Intersectional Violence: The 1923 Rosewood Pogrom in Historical Perspective.” Update: it was presentations like this that helped me frame my book, “The Rosewood Massacre: An Archaeology and History of Intersectional Violence.” (more…)

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