Creating a Diasporic Archaeology of Chinese Migration

I recently/finally published an article on the topic of Chinese migration, a topic I’ve been researching as an historical archaeologist since my first trip to New Zealand in 2002-2003 (with a Fulbright scholarship from the U of Arkansas). The full title is “Creating a Diasporic Archaeology of Chinese Migration: Tentative Steps Across Four Continents,” and you can download it here. See below for the abstract. (more…)

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The ‘Ghost Town’ and the Diaspora (AAA 2010)

My participation at this year’s annual meetings of the American Anthropological Society centered on leading and participating in a session I organized. The title of the session was “Anthropology of the Damned” and took its initial inspiration from the works of Charles Fort. My paper was titled “The ‘Ghost Town’ and the Diaspora: Landscape Anxiety, Community Trauma, and Social Memory in Rosewood, Florida.” You can read about the session and my paper below. (more…)

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