Pinson Mounds in 3D

My BA degree in from the University of Arkansas, where I was lucky enough to know Dr. Robert “Bob” Mainfort. He is well-known among Southeastern US archaeologists for his work at Pinson Mounds (and elsewhere). We once spoke about creating a 3D reconstruction of Pinson Mounds. That was 15 years ago. I never got around to it, until now!


Arboreal Quadruped Lab

This is a lab I use in ANT 2511 – Human Species here at UCF. Briefly, the lab centers on student groups following an arboreal quadruped around campus for one hour. As they do so, they also record it’s movements and activities in 10-minute increments. Since UCF has not been overrun by primates (other than humans, of course), we use a proxy animal – the friendly neighborhood squirrel (eastern gray squirrel). It’s a fun exercise designed to give students a taste of primatology fieldwork. See below for more information and a sample lab worksheet.

A friendly UCF squirrel awaits eager students.


The Rosewood Massacre, Paperback

A little over a year ago the hardcover version of my book The Rosewood Massacre: An Archaeology and History of Intersectional Violence was published by the University Press of Florida. Sales were sufficient to prompt the release of a paperback edition. This is great news because it lowers the price of the book from $80 to $25! Also, it means people are reading it! In fact, last I checked, it’s been referenced nearly a dozen times in peer reviewed works since it came out last year. Neat!

Visit the link above to purchase the book. Continue reading to see some of the more recent reviews.


Modeling & Simulating Storm Surge in Cedar Key

I first visited Cedar Key in 2005, during early research on Rosewood. A lot has changed since then. Some of this is the normal ebb and flow of a coastal town, some of it from increasing tourism, and some from the growing threat of sea level rise and storm surge. Much of my earlier research uses digital technologies to interpret archaeological materials. These same technologies support different forms of analysis. This post explores (very) preliminary work on the formal modeling and simulation of geophysical processes associated with storm surge, and specifically how this threatens Cedar Key’s archaeological and historical resources.

[Updated November 9, 2019 to include DualSPHysics work – see below]


Rosewood Talk Added to 2020 Florida Speaker’s Directory

The Florida Humanities Council (FHC) maintains the Florida Speakers Directory. This includes educators, journalists, and scholars who speak on a variety of Florida-related topics. The great thing about this program is the FHC also provides grants to help non-profit organizations support these talks. You can learn more about the program here. I finally got myself added for the upcoming year (2020), and am available to speak on Rosewood. See below for more info.


Interdisciplinary Research of Rosewood and Sumner (2019)

The second and final season of the Interdisciplinary Research of Rosewood and Sumner (IRRS) project took place during the summer months of 2019. This included four weeks of fieldwork during May and June which included excavation, ground penetrating radar (GRP) surveys, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights, an photogrammetry work. This work resulted in the recording of 6 new Florida Master Site File (FMSF) records and updates to 4 previously recorded ones. In addition, we completed filming for a 50-minute documentary on 15 years of fieldwork in Levy County. All work took place on privately-owned properties, made possible by the kind nature of many Levy County residents.

Summer 2019 work took place at 10 separate locations across several square miles.


Interaction Design and Digital Heritage (CAA 2019)

I was recently asked to give a talk at/for the CAA 2019 meetings in Kraków, Poland. Ultimately, I was unable to attend the conference in person and the organizers were gracious enough to allow me to send a video of my talk. You can view this below, as well as the abstract.


The Rosewood Massacre Public Talk (Bradenton, FL)

It was my great pleasure to return to Bradenton, Florida and present on my research to the Time Sifters Archaeology Society, the local chapter of the Florida Anthropological Society (FAS). I was here to speak about my recently published book on the Rosewood massacre, which you can purchase here. I don’t always post about each public presentation, but since they were kind enough to video and post it, I figured I’d include it here.


Interdisciplinary Research of Rosewood and Sumner (2018)

The first season of the Interdisciplinary Research of Rosewood and Sumner (IRRS) project began in August, 2018. This project is funded by Florida Historic Preservation Grant These grants are funded by Florida Division of Historical Resources. The goal of this project is to expand previous archaeological and historical research in Rosewood, Florida to include the neighboring community of Sumner. This first portion of fieldwork took place August 6 – 10, 2019. It focused on the site of Rosewood’s African American cemetery, currently located on private property.

Image of standing gravestones in Rosewood’s Black cemetery.


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