I am  a Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Central Florida. I also serve as a Principal Investigator with Digital Heritage Interactive LLC.

I have a BA in Anthropology from the University of Arkansas (2004) which includes a thirteen month study abroad experience in New Zealand funded by a Fulbright Scholarship. My exploration of Chinese diaspora communities during this time explored the intersection of GIS, GPS, and 3D site visualization as a form of public archaeology. I continued exploring these interests as part of an MS in Industrial Archaeology at Michigan Tech (2005) for work in Spitsbergen, Norway.

I also hold MA (2008) and PhD (2011) degrees in anthropology from the University of Florida. My dissertation examined Rosewood, Florida leading to the Virtual Rosewood Research Project and a book from University Press of Florida. This research examines the construction and maintenance of power by social elites between the 1800s and today as a national project as well as exploring the application of GIS, 3D/VR, and digital storytelling to African American history.

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