I am a digital/historical archaeologist working in the American Southeast and Caribbean. My research centers on recovering hidden histories, those chapters of the past which have been forgotten or erased. I routinely use geographic information systems (GIS) and virtual technologies to interpret archaeological, documentary, and ethnohistorical data. Exploring the spatial dimension of human action is central to the ways I examine identity, memory, and landscape. Much of this work is also oriented towards social justice education.

My current projects focus on the sites of Rosewood, Florida and Fort Charles, Nevis. My research into Rosewood explores why this majority African American town was destroyed during a week-long episode of violence in 1923. This project also involves a substantial use of virtual technologies to bring the past to life. Research in Nevis examines a non-plantation context as the site of Afro-Caribbean identity formation during the colonial period. This project expands our understanding of Nevisian history while remaining mindful of colonial influences.